Blue Pills With M30 Imprint

If you’ve found blue pills with a large letter M on one side and the number 30 on the other side with a straight line that runs across the center of the pill, then you’re in possession of an opioid narcotic with 30mg of oxycodone in it. Also known as Roxicet, Roxies, Blues, along with many other street names, these pills are killers when it comes to the opioid addiction epidemic in the United States.

In recent years another problem has emerged, and it consists of the fact that blue M30 marked pills that contain 30mg of oxycodone are often being counterfeited, often coming from China, and instead contain deadly doses of illicit fentanyl. This is because M30 blue Roxicet pills are one of the most popular drugs of choice for prescription opioid-addicted individuals.

Blue Pills With M30 Imprint

M30 Marked Blue Pills Are Oxycodone 30mg

Now that you know M30 marked blue pills contain oxycodone 30mg, what’s next? If you’ve found these Roxicet M30s in possession of a loved one, child, or family member and they have not been prescribed the drug, or perhaps they are but it seems they are taking more than prescribed, the alarm bells should go off. 

This could mean that your loved one is struggling with an oxycodone addiction and in desperate need of help. The best way to go about getting off M30 blue oxy pills is to go through an opioid detox program and then receive counseling and therapy in a professional treatment facility.

Help for Those Addicted to M30 Marked Roxicet Pills

Clinical assistance, guidance, support, and treatment are readily available for anyone struggling with an addiction to M30 imprint blue pills, also known as Oxy 30s, or Roxies. While it’s often not easy to ask for help, it may be the best decision anyone can make. 

Inpatient drug rehab specializing in treating opioid dependence offers around-the-clock supervision that incorporates individual counseling and group therapy for the best chance for long-term recovery from M30 imprint pills and oxycodone abuse.


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