CT Heroin Addiction Counselors Near Me

The progressive downward spiral of heroin addiction usually leads most people addicted to it to committing crimes and lying. Heroin-addicted persons will also make up stories to get money, take valuables and property from friends and family, and destroy trust. Another unfortunate effect of heroin addiction is how it typically sends people to jail and even prison. Heroin addiction also prevents people from keeping a job or their commitments to their families.

Most heroin-addicted people also remain on heroin for years and years. The physical dependence that opioid drugs, like heroin cause, is why so many who abuse it cannot stop. The withdrawal symptoms are incredibly debilitating, and almost no person can tolerate the detox symptoms without replacement medications. Luckily, CT heroin addiction counselors near me offer a solution to getting better such as medication-assisted treatment (MAT).

CT Heroin Addiction Counselors Near Me

Heroin Addiction in Your Life

Since heroin addiction lasts so long, many recovering addicts who are on their way to freeing themselves from heroin addiction because they went to a medically supervised detox and started on an opioid replacement medication such as Suboxone will still likely struggle emotionally and mentally. Heroin addiction is one that drastically alters a person’s lifestyle. People who use heroin never intended to get strung out or thought they would be robbing and stealing and that their sole purpose in life would be to remain high. The personality changes that occur as a result of heroin addiction are profound. Recovering heroin addicts need help to reclaim their former moral standards and develop healthy interests again in their lives.

The counseling and treatment programs that are most helpful to overcoming heroin addiction must include one-on-one counseling and group counseling that are therapeutic and evidence-based. The Connecticut Heroin Addiction Counselors Near ME we connect clients to in Connecticut and out-of-state have a distinguished history of helping people who are getting away from their heroin addiction to remain clean and sober long term. The most recognized type of therapy completed by a qualified addiction counselor is cognitive-behavioral therapy.

What is Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is an evidence-based form of counseling that focuses on challenging and changing unhelpful cognitive distortions and behaviors and enables the person to improve their emotional condition and learn how to develop coping strategies that focus on solving current problems. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, advances science and health CBT has a long history of helping addicts recover from drug addiction and has the data to prove it is working as part of a treatment program for heroin addiction.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) approaches have among the highest level of empirical support for the treatment of drug and alcohol use disorders. (NCBI)

Because Cognitive behavioral therapy is so effective in treating heroin addiction, we recommend and connect clients to the very best CT heroin counselors near me. Another type of counseling that is evidence-based that is also extremely helpful to heroin addicts is dialectical behavioral therapy. DBT therapy is similar to cognitive behavioral therapy. Still, dialectal behavioral therapy is more intensive. It helps a person deal with trauma, mental disorders as well as mental health diagnoses. Both evidence-based methods are also standard practices in any quality drug treatment program for heroin addiction. Suppose you or a loved one needs help for their heroin addiction. In that case, there are licensed counselors with years of successful history available in Connecticut ready to help you or a loved one.

Find CT Heroin Addiction Counselors Near Me

Suppose you or someone you know needs professional heroin addiction counseling because they struggle with life clean from heroin. There are professional counseling options in Connecticut that are available for men, women, and young adults. The counselors we advocate for are all licensed and educated in addiction counseling. The first step is to call one of our addiction recovery specialists and allow them to assess you or a loved one in a five-minute phone call and then begin the proceedings for entering you or your family member into CT heroin addiction counseling near me today.


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