Differences Between Sober Coaches and Sober Companions

Once a person has gotten clean and sober, their lives have certainly improved for the better, yet recovery and the ability to stay drug and alcohol-free just do not magically occur.  Recovery requires an entirely new outlook. A newly recovering addict or alcoholic is like a young child in that they need a lot of guidance. Recently, there have been many new roles being assigned to help people who have just gotten clean and sober. They are called sober coaches and sober companions. The titles share many similarities, but they can also serve different purposes.

If you or someone you care about needs to have around-the-clock support or just extra support during their recovery either in the beginning at any point in their sobriety, a sober coach or sober companion is a good idea. Essentially the two roles are similar enough that if you are uncertain which is best for you and your schedule or needs, first identify what you are looking for someone to support you. 

Differences Between Sober Coaches and Sober Companions

Why Should I Choose a Sober Coach?

A sober coach can serve as a lifeline to the newly recovering addict/alcoholic during times of stress and or dealing with triggers. The first year of a person’s recovery is always the most difficult and is when relapse is most common. A sober coach can be the person who offers guidance and support whenever it is needed. A sober coach near me will help the newly recovering individual make the best choices for their lives, with their recovery being the priority. A sober coach can be there for someone who has just completed treatment and needs someone to help them get to their recovery meetings or to counsel them about their triggers and meetings during the day.

The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances in science and health document what a sober, also called a ‘recovery’ coach, is for the newly sober person. They explain how useful a coach is and that they are also considered a conduit for and to other addiction and alcoholism community treatment programs.

 Voluntary and paid recovery sober coach positions are a new development in the addiction field. Coaches do not provide “treatment” per se. Still, they often help individuals discharging from treatment to connect to community services while addressing any barriers or problems that may hinder the recovery process. A recovery sober coach’s responsibilities may include providing strategies to maintain abstinence, connecting people to recovery housing and social services, and helping people develop personal skills that maintain recovery. (NCBI)

Why Should I Choose a Sober Companion?

A sober companion is similar to a sober coach. They support newly recovering addicts and alcoholics. Sober companions, like sober coaches, are also known as recovery coaches. Sober companions are said to provide endless encouragement and help to a person at the beginning of their recovery. A sober companion’s services include one on one visits, phone calls, and meeting for coffee or other activities. Some people compare sober companions to sponsor df from the AA program or the NA programs based on Alcoholics Anonymous. However, the AA sponsors support a person’s recovery by teaching them the 12 steps of recovery.  A sober companion is not expected to introduce the 12 steps, but they sometimes might do that. Like sober coaches, a sober companion will also show the person how to make their recovery a priority and what to do if triggers occur.

The New York Times published an article about how sober companions are saving addicts from themselves and how a person in recovery truly benefits from the extra support versus just receiving support from twelve-step meetings:

individual support has been a critical component of recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, which provide “sponsors” mentors and role models who have gone through the programs themselves, for free. Sober companions have a more intense relationship with their clients, as do sober or recovery coaches…who function much like a counselor or therapist, meeting clients or talking on the phone in sessions that focus on issues such as life skills. (NYTimes)

Sober Companions and Sober Coaches Near Me

To decide on which is best between sober coaches and sober companions will depend. Each person will have to know what they are looking for. Whether the sober coach or the sober companion is a good match will usually determine which of the two roles is most appropriate. Neither coaches nor companions are required to be specialized or educated in their fields by any state or government endorsement. 

Each position is a personal choice that will come down to whether the coach or the companion is the right gender, age, shares the same interests, and whether or not they are available to meet your schedule and your needs. We at Connecticut Addiction Resources, can help you find a sober coach or sober companion near me that will be the perfect fit for you. 


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