What Are M367 Marked White Oval Pills?

So, you’ve found white capsule-shaped pills marked M367 in the room of your child, or perhaps in their pants pocket, or backpack? Or you’re a loved one and stumbled upon this M367 imprint pill in your husband’s shirt pocket. What to do now? You’re probably wondering what this pill is, if it’s dangerous, and what it exactly means to find such a pill in the possession of a loved one.

The answer should raise concern, because the pill in question contains hydrocodone, a dangerous and powerful opioid-based narcotic. So, what are M367 marked white oval pills? They are known as Lortab or Norco and contain 10mg of hydrocodone along with 325mg of acetaminophen. Because opioids are highly addictive, getting hooked on these pills with a M367 imprint can have dangerous and long-lasting consequences.

What Are M367 Marked White Oval Pills

Addiction to M367 Imprint Capsule-Shaped Pills

The question on your mind probably relates to what you should do now that these Lortab hydrocodone pills are a problem. Hydrocodone is only prescribed to people with moderate to severe chronic pain and under strict supervision by a physician. Once you’ve established that someone close to you is addicted to M367 imprint capsule-shaped pills, the question comes down to what to do next.

Fake M367 Marked Pills on the Rise

We recommend contacting an interventionist to conduct a family intervention that will convince your loved one to seek help for their opioid dependence. The urgency is even greater in recent years because M367 pills that usually contain hydrocodone are being counterfeited to contain the lethal synthetic narcotic fentanyl. The danger with fentanyl is that even a very small dose can cause an opioid overdose that could easily turn deadly for those that unknowingly take fake Lortab pills or counterfeit Norco pills.

Contact our addiction recovery advocates today and we will assist you or a loved one in finding the appropriate treatment facility, sober support, or interventionist on the load to long-term sobriety.


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