What Needles Are Used to Inject Heroin?

Most people who use heroin might start only smoking it or snorting it, but they almost always begin shooting up. Intravenous drug use is also not limited to Heroin. Addiction to any type of drug can lead to using needles. People suffering from the disease of addiction, also now referred to as substance use disorders will do anything to feel better. Desperation to change how they feel will lead them to use dangerous drugs not meant to shoot up, share needles with strangers, and risk dying every time they inject themselves. 

The types of drugs that are most often used with a needle are Heroin, prescription pills, Fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine, and benzodiazepines. Almost any substance that can be diluted with water can be injected. Intravenous drug users also develop a preference for shooting drugs instead of smoking or snorting or swallowing. This is because injecting drugs causes a person to feel the substance much faster and more intensely versus other routes. When a person injects themselves with a drug, it reaches their brain in seconds. The “rush” that heroin and most other drugs cause when they shoot it up is why they stay addicted.   

What Needles Are Used to Inject Heroin?

What Needles Are Used to Inject Heroin?

The types of needles used for shooting up heroin and other drugs are the same type that people with diabetes use for insulin shots. The needles that diabetic syringes are purposed for are tiny and do not make a large hole in the skin. Drug users like small thin needles because they do not damage the veins as much as other needles. Medical use of needles for I.V. drips or to keep a person unconscious during surgery are much larger than diabetic insulin needles. There are numerous brands of diabetic syringes. The most familiar syringe that drug-using cultures like are called BD Ultrafine Insulin Syringes

More About What Needles Are Used to Inject Heroin

The size of the needle is extremely important to drug addicts. The smaller the needle, the easier it is for them to hit a vein. Unfortunately, most Heroin and other drug addicts will destroy their more prominent veins with repeated use and eventually start using any size vein anywhere on their body—the B.D. Ultrafine needles come in different gauges, which refers to the thickness or thinness of the circumference of the needle. The 29-gauge needle is the most favored type of heroin needle because it is very fine. There are other needles, but this one is the most recognizable here in the United States. 

The Dangers of Shooting Up Narcotics

The greatest concern for anyone using needles to inject heroin or other drugs is the risk of catching HIV or Hepatitis. People who are shooting up are most often very damaged emotionally and spiritually. Their lives have evolved to need drugs at all times. These individuals are suffering. Their need to feel better has blinded them to the risks and harms that I.V. drug use causes. Aside from contracting deadly diseases through sharing needles or unsafe drug handling before putting it into their syringe, they can also instantaneously die from overdose or poisoning. 

Shooting up drugs that are not sterile and not knowing what is in the drugs exactly is putting your life at risk every single time. This threat alone is not enough to make a person stop, though. People who suffer from the disease of addiction need emotional, mental, and spiritual support. In addition, they have likely endured a traumatic event in their lives, such as abuse, neglect, violence, or other harsh experiences that have damaged their ability to cope. The available programs for heroin addiction and other drug addictions are personalized and will target the in-depth reason that this individual began using drugs in the first place. 

What Treatment Programs Can Help With IV Drug Use?

The National Center for Biotechnology Information advances in science and health report how effective modern treatment programs are because they rely on evidence-based forms of therapy and treatment. 

Specialized therapies have been developed to target specific types of substance use disorders: alcohol, opiates, cocaine, and marijuana. Treatment services have been developed to address substance use and the range of other problems that often predate, co-occur with, and are caused by substance use disorders. These issues can include family or social relationships, legal matters, job or vocational concerns, medical conditions, and co-occurring psychiatric disorders. (NCBI)

Start Your IV Drug Use Addiction Treatment

Connecticut has been heavily affected by the drug addiction scourge; If you or your family member or friend struggles with an addiction to heroin, the most crucial step is to get professional help, starting at a treatment center that offers evidence-based counseling and solution-focused IV drug use treatment programs. To reach one of our experienced staff members who specialize in Heroin and other drug addictions, call our number to begin the recovery process or chat online now.


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