Connecticut Recovery Coaches Near Me

A recovery coach near me is someone who provides support to a newly recovering addict or alcoholic. They help people remain clean and sober and provide practical assistance that allows the individual to reacclimate to life on life’s terms. This may include directing them towards attainable employment, how to apply to college, getting a bank account or driver’s license, and giving emotional support on more challenging issues like family arguments, court cases, probation, or how to cope with cravings for alcohol or drugs. Recovery coaches are also another way to hold the individual accountable. Many people who rely on recovery coaches form long-term relationships that prove beneficial to their recovery.

Recovery Coaches in Connecticut and out-of-state

The ideal scenario for someone who is entering recovery from drug or alcohol addiction for the first time or after other attempts at sobriety is to have completed a professional substance abuse treatment program and then live in a sober living environment or at home with ongoing outpatient and counseling sessions. Once the individual has achieved several weeks or months of abstinence, they are ready to start over. Starting over for alcoholics and addicts usually means becoming employed, going to recovery support meetings regularly, and handling essential responsibilities of life that they have not had for some time.

The Connecticut recovery coaches near me we recommend can be useful to anyone who is changing their life for the better after overcoming substance use disorder. Often for people overcoming addictions, there will be numerous hindrances to their lives—not having a car or driver’s license, little to no money, being unemployed, and having stress over legal cases related to their drug or alcohol use; and typically- the healing of family relationships and its accompanying strains. A person who has recently become clean and sober and is making a fresh start in life must have a long list of supportive people to count on for guidance. Sober friends and family members are important, but a professional such as a recovery coach can often be more influential.

Connecticut Recovery Coaches Near Me

What Can I Expect from a Recovery Coach?

A recovery coach’s services to someone new or returning to recovery will first and foremost be to provide emotional support through one-on-one communication either on the phone or at regularly scheduled meetings together. A recovery coach will also provide safe transportation to and from essential obligations, like outpatient groups, recovery meetings like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous, or job interviews. They are there to support the person with practical advice and help with responsibilities that may overwhelm the newly sober person.

Many alcoholics and addicts struggle with anxiety. Their anxiety usually lessens the longer they remain in recovery. A recovery coach is a person who will provide encouragement and help to calm the storm, so to say, during a challenging experience. Additionally, many people new to recovery desire someone to be by their side when they go to a job interview or a recovery meeting. Recovery coaches also chaperone people when they need to travel. The New York Times published an article about how recovery coaches, also referred to as sober companions, are saving addicts from themselves and how a person in recovery truly benefits from the extra support versus just receiving support from twelve-step meetings.

Individual support has been a critical component of recovery programs like Alcoholics Anonymous, which provide “sponsors” mentors and role models who have gone through the programs themselves, for free. Sober companions or recovery coaches have a more intense relationship with their clients who function much like a counselor or therapist, meeting clients or talking on the phone in sessions that focus on issues such as life skills etc. (NYTimes)

The length of medical detox depends heavily on the type of drug that was being abused and the severity of abuse, however, most detox programs end up lasting between one and two weeks. Once an individual completes detox, he or she will generally transfer into a long-term inpatient treatment program. At Connecticut Addiction Resources, we were closely with many reputable treatment centers throughout the state, helping you find a program that will cater to all of your unique needs and requirements. While drug addiction can be devastating and while it often seems insurmountable, there are resources available that will effectively help you or your loved one recover once and for all.

Connecticut Recovery Coaches You Can Trust

The Connecticut recovery coaches near me that we advocate for are all professionally experienced. Many hold state certifications and licenses in addiction recovery-related fields by the state of Connecticut. We match clients with a recovery coach with years of successful experience helping newly recovering individuals attain lasting freedom from their addictions. Clients are paired with recovery coaches who are of the same gender and share similar interests. This type of relationship grows stronger over time, so coaches and clients’ pairing is carefully considered. The personalities and interests are a priority when recommending a recovery coach. To find out how to set up a recovery coach for you or a loved one, begin by calling one of our addiction recovery specialists.

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