What is a Round Orange Pill Marked OP 40?

If you’ve found an orange pill marked OP 40, then you’ve stumbled upon the king of all kings when it comes to prescription drug abuse. These pills are Oxycontin pills with 40 milligrams of the addictive opioid-based narcotic. Since the late 1990s, Oxycontin was produced by Purdue Pharmaceuticals and brought about the opioid addiction epidemic that ravaged the country and turned many prescription pill opioid addicts into heroin-dependent individuals.

Finding orange pills marked OP 40 in the possession of someone that is not prescribed this drug or is in extreme pain should raise alarm bells that ring the sound of full-blown drug addiction.

What is a Round Orange Pill Marked OP 40

What to do About OP 40 Marked Orange Pills?

The situation is not hopeless because there are plenty of opioid addiction treatment options for men and women that are addicted to Op 40 marked Oxycontin pills. How to go about getting professional help depends on far into the drug abuse a loved one has found these OP 40 pills containing 40 milligrams of oxycodone. This synthetic opioid is usually prescribed for chronic and severe pain caused by fatal diseases such as cancer.

Help for Those Addicted to OP 40 Marked Tablets

Over the years, pills such as the OP 40 Orange pills branded as Oxycontin became more expensive, added anti-abuse deterrent properties, and fewer of them were around for misuse, countless addicted individuals often to heroin which is more powerful and less expensive at the same time. The conclusion is that orange OP 40 marked round pills are very addictive and strong opioid-based narcotics with the perfect formula to be abused by opioid-addicted men and women.

Getting help for opioid addiction can lead to a fulfilling happy life, free from the chains that bind so many people with the grip of opioid dependence caused by Oxycontin pills such as the OP 40 marked prescription tablets.


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