What is a S489 Marked Blue Capsule?

If you’ve stumbled upon a blue capsule marked S489 with the words 60mg on it, then you’re in possession of a gold mine in the world of substance abuse. What this blue capsule-shaped pill contains is lisdexamfetamine, a powerful amphetamine-based stimulant that when used as prescribed, effectively treats Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). The S489 marked blue capsule is marketed as Vyvanse and contains 60 milligrams of lisdexamfetamine. As one of the highest doses available on the market, it is very sought-after by individuals dependent on stimulants or those misuse stimulants on a regular basis.

What is a S489 Marked Blue Capsule

S489 Blue Capsules Contain 60mg of Vyvanse

If you’ve found Vyvanse in the room, clothing, or possession of a loved one and they are not diagnosed with ADHD, there is a very high chance this medication is being abused to get “high”. A serious and honest conversation should be undertaken with the person that is caught with blue pills marked S489 on them. If they are not prescribed Vyvanse, it is illegal to even have or own these lisdexamfetamine capsules. However, it’s not all a dark and gloomy future for a person that has S489 blue capsules that contain 60mg of Vyvanse.

Stimulant addiction treatment is available for men and women that are abusing Vyvanse, Adderall or other prescription-based stimulants, or even street based stimulants like methamphetamine. These blue capsules marked S489 are very strong and create a euphoria that could quickly become addictive. Some say it’s even the same as amphetamine in a capsule for those that don’t suffer from ADHD symptoms or are not officially diagnosed.

What to do about Vyvanse abuse

More and more college students and young adults are taking Vyvanse, often the strongest 60mg dose that is a blue capsule with S489 on it, because it creates the most “back for their buck”. The Vyvanse granules inside the capsule can be crushed and snorted, or even injected, so just taking it by mouth is not the necessary route of administration. Remember that once someone is at the level of snorting or injecting a drug, they need to be treated as soon as possible for their substance abuse.


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