What is in a G72 Marked Orange Round Pill?

When it comes to abusable pills, those with marks such as G72 and orange color are some of the most powerful by far. G72 marked orange round pills contain 10mg of oxymorphone, which is an extremely powerful synthetic opioid painkiller. What’s oxymorphone exactly, most commonly known as Opana?

G72 orange tablets identified as Oxymorphone produced by Amneal Pharmaceuticals is a highly potent analgesic used for treating deliberating, severe, and chronic pain. In high doses, if injected or snorted, it creates a very addictive and euphoric high. In the 10-milligram dose, it looks like an orange round pill marked with G72 imprints on the pill.

What is in a G72 Marked Orange Round Pill

Oxymorphone is in orange round G72 imprint pills

Addiction to oxymorphone, which is about twice as strong as the more popularly prescribed oxycodone, and 6 to 8 times more powerful than standard morphine, is quick and effective. It’s not easy to overcome an Oxymorphone dependency, considering its potency, but many have successfully recovered from addiction to G72 round orange pills.

If you or a loved one are addicted to G72 marked orange pills, recovery is possible and absolutely attainable. Simply remain committed to yourself and everything will work out as long as you’re determined to stay sober. Opana, known as oxymorphone, or G72 pills for the 10mg dose, are deadly but not a hopeless situation if you have the right support system in-place and are committed to fully helping yourself in getting absolutely better and improving your life.

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