What is an M523 Marked White Oval Pill?

If you’ve found an oval-shaped white pill marked M523 in possession of a loved one, family member, or your own child, then you’re in the right place. If you’re searching for an answer to what the pill imprint M523 is, then this article is for you. 

The M523 marked white pill contains 10mg of oxycodone and 325mg of acetaminophen (aka Tylenol). It’s known as a Percocet pill containing the highly addictive opioid narcotic known as oxycodone. The capsule-shaped Percocet M523 white pill is abused by opioid-addicted men and women across the country.

What is an M523 Marked White Oval Pill

Percocet M523 Capsule-Shaped White Pill Information

For countless Americans, getting hooked on this Percocet M523 marked white pill means becoming dependent on the drug which means a quick path to chronic opioid addiction. Once you’ve taken the M523 imprint pill for a couple of days and at high doses, you become hooked on this opioid and need it just to avoid opioid withdrawal symptoms. Getting off Percocet 10’s is not easy and detoxification facilities often dose patients with Suboxone or buprenorphine-based drugs to minimize the painful detox:

Patients receiving opioid agonist treatment at the time of follow-up were more likely to have better outcomes, though a sizeable number of patients succeeded without agonist treatment. (NIH)

If you’ve found an M523 marked oval pill in the belongings, room, or possession of someone you care for that is not prescribed the drug or you suspect opioid abuse, it’s time to have an honest conversation with that person.

Interventions for Percocet Addicted Individuals

The good news is that for those addicted to Percocet M523 pills, there is help available even if they may not be ready to accept it. We recommend contacting an addiction interventionist that will assist the family in safely and effectively confronting the individual about their opioid misuse and suggest treatment options available and the benefits of going down the path of recovery.

Becoming addicted to M523 marked white pills creates a real problem for everyone around the person, including their family and closest loved ones. The M523 imprint pill is a strong narcotic derived from morphine in the synthetic form of oxycodone which should only be used as recommended by a doctor and in cases of severe chronic pain or terminal diseases.


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