What is an M8 Marked Round White Pill?

If you want to know what a white round pill with the markings M8 contains, then you’re in the right place at our addiction resource directory. M8 imprint circle shaped tablets have 8mg of dihydromorphinone in them and are known by their marketed name as Dilaudid. 

This powerful synthetic opioid is extremely addictive when abused by intravenous injection. This is because IV Dilaudiad abuse creates a short but extremely intense and ephoric opioid-based rush, also known as a “high”. 

What do M8 imprint white oval tablets contain?

If white pills marked M8 are found on the person or in the living space of someone you care about and they are not prescribed this narcotic, then urgent action needs to be taken. This person may very well be abusing these M8 marked round white pills known as Dilaudid. 

As M8 marked tablers are the most powerful milligram dosage, their addiction could be quite serious at this point. However, with the help of medical opioid detox, their substance abuse can be turned around and enter the world of recovery.


What do M8 imprint white oval tablets contain?

The answer to what do M8 imprint white oval tablets contain is 8milligrams of dihydromorphinone, known universally as its branded name Dilaudid. On the streets, they are also referred to as D’s or Dillies, among other slang names for M8 white pills. Addiction to M8 Dilaudid tablets happens rapidly because addicted individuals need to re-dose very often to maintain the feeling of euphoria. 

This happens because their high disappears after only a few hours from the initial rush. There are inpatient drug rehab programs that specialize in helping men and women that are addicted to M8 marked white pills known as Dilaudid synthetic prescription opioids. 

Finding Addiction Help for Connecticut Residents

There remain a number of open and unfilled spots in detoxes and other treatment programs that help those addicted to white oval pills marked M8 along with other common drugs of abuse by both men and women alike. Partly because people have become more reluctant to come to hospital emergency departments or enter inpatient treatment programs while the pandemic is ongoing. But it doesn’t erase the fact that just as many people, if not more, may need treatment and support services right now. 

Especially right now because the way we once have been coping with stress and anxiety who may have gotten themselves into recovery from substance, those things are removed; the therapist may be removed, maybe the AA group or the NA group we were going to doesn’t meet in person anymore. We need to get back to helping each other in order to save lives.


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